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(Department of System Innovation Engineering, School of Advanced Science and Technology, Tokushima University)
会議名 Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO-PR 2018)
期日 2018年7月29日〜8月3日
開催地 Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

The conference named as Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO-PR) 2018 was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition center in Hong Kong from July 30 to August 3, 2018. This conference covers broadband subject, such us fiber and optic laser sources, ultrafast and nonlinear phenomena, infrared and Terahertz technologies and application, high power, high energy laser, quantum optics, atomic physics and micro and nano photonics, optical communication systems and networks, optical fiber and waveguide technologies, semiconductor and integrated optical devices, silicon photonics, optical signal processing and so on. During this event, there are 792 papers were scheduled, including 152 invited and 20 tutorial presentations made by many of the world's most prominent researchers from academia and industry.


Research title:
Proposal of Integrated-Optical Circuit for Recognition of 8PSK-Coded Label for Photonic Label Router.

Discussion content:
In conventional networks, optical signals are basically applied in electronic processing with optical-to-electronic and electronic-to-optical conversions in the routing node. This conversion requires power consumption and takes time for packet processing. In future photonic networks, low power consumption at higher information transmission rate is required. To meet this requirement, optical signal processing is expected to be applied to the routing node without electronic conversion. We have investigated a basic optical module for recognition of optical labels coded in quadrature-phase-shift-keying (QPSK). Related researches include waveguide-type devices for recognition of 16 quadrature-amplitude-modulation (16QAM) labels and 8QAM labels. In this paper, we propose a recognition circuit using M-ary PSK labels in order to simplify recognition schema. The recognition can be performed from either the maximum or minimum output. These two recognition schemes are compared from the viewpoint of noise tolerance.

3. 国際会議に出席した成果(コミュニケーション・国際交流・感想)

First of all, thank you for gave me this opportunity to attend this conference. It was very informative such as skimming students whose research is close to mine, listening leader's speech, meeting international students and exchanging experience each other. It was a first time that I participatedg a conference which held in far from my home. First feeling of entering Hong Kong convention and exibition center was enormious and crowded. At the same time, I felt like how many people were working or making experiment in the area of communication in the world. It was very impressive. At first day of my travel, I listened invited speakers speach at the plenary session. Speakers from California Inst. of Technology, USA, Peking University, China, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, Kyoto University, Japan, look very powerful and those people gave me vitality to do my research more structural, more beneficial and also more goal-seeking. Maybe, there is a possibility that I could be in front of a stand in some other day. After that day, I present my research. Before my speech, I felt kind of fear that someone could not understand my speech, if I receive unfamiliar question that I couldn't give answer and so on. But after all, I understood that there was no need to feel heartbeat, because everyone was trying to exchange knowledge and learn new things. So it was a big day for me not only conference side, but also in travel. I went to Victoria peak to see Hong Kong from the above and also saw night laser show. After all, thank you again for giving me unforgatable period in my life.

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